Monica and Steven

It started out as just a relaxing day by the pool for Monica, but then her husband's friend Steven came over to drop off some papers. Monica thought it would also be a great time to let him drop off some man love on her face, and that's just what he did.

Monique and Laurie

Monique and Laurie are workout partners at the local gym. After alot of flirtation on the treadmill, these two wound up at Laurie's house. Pretty soon Laurie whipped out her favorite toys and these killer hotties were going at each other like there was no tomorrow.

Cain, Bobby and Taylorlynn

Bobby and Taylor have a crush on the bar tender Cain. Tonight they decided to do something about it. So when Cain was cleaning up, these girls were ready to get dirty! Cain is one lucky bastard, because these girls know how to please, and they fucked him silly for hours.


Believe it or not, I met Racheal at the grocery store. She was wearing sweat pants and a baseball cap and look sort of hot. I gave her my card and pretty soon she was in for a shoot. Boy I had no idea she was this freaking hot, and she could work a vibrator like no other.

Kimberly , Shelby and Anthony

Shelby and Anthony are a married couple who were looking for some fun. Kimberly was a friend at work and Shelby invited her over for dinner. Anythony didn't see it coming but he was setup for a sexy three way by his wife. Watch the pussy juices flow!

Yana and Linda
Taylor and Terri
Lea and Alex
Holly and Troy
Judy Star


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